Meet our experts in person!

Are you an international student already in the USA? Are you at a language school on the East Coast?

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to meet one of our US university experts in person.

Later this month, Ian Wright, Director of International Admissions for Long Island University in New York, will be presenting to international students in New York and Boston.

The New York presentation details are:
Date: Wednesday March 14, 2012
Location: Embassy CES language school, 6th floor
Address: use entrance at 328 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Time: 12.30pm
Tel: 212 629 7300

The Boston presentation details are:
Date: Friday March 16, 2012
Location: Embassy CES language school
Address: 41 West Street, Boston, MA 02111
Time: 11.30am
Tel: 857-362-8970

Each presentation will take 30-45 minutes and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about applying to university in New York.

All international students are welcome.

If you would like to attend, email Tom Griffin at to add your name to the guest list. Bring photo ID on the day.

Advice on preparing your personal statement

Ian Wright, Director of International Admissions at Long Island University in New York, shares his persepective on how to write an effective personal statement for your application to a US university:

Keys to a successful personal statement or essay:

    1. Accuracy – answer the question asked by the University, or address the key aspects of the program to which you are applying. This shows the admissions counselor that you are responding specifically to that program, and are an appropriate match for the program.
    2. Relevance – connect who you are and what you’ve achieved to the University’s goals and culture. This makes you relevant and distinguished from all the other applicants. Take time to review the literature provided by the University to insure there is a connection between you and the school.
    3. The tone of your personal statement can confirm your desire and connection to the University that you’ve applied to. Try to convey a positive and thoughtful message of introduction establishing what you’ve accomplished and expect to achieve if admitted to the school.

Download the PDF document to read the full article.

International students at university in America

Reported trends in higher education show an increase in international student mobility – more and more students from countries around the world are getting their higher education outside of their home countries. Students today appreciate learning in a culturally diverse environment that teaches them to think with an open mind, explore all alternatives and develop unique leadership skills. Academic departments at universities in the USA and Canada appreciate the multiculturalism and globalism that international students bring to the disciplines of business, research and politics.


A release from the Institute of International Education shows that international student enrollments at North American universities remains high, with international students continuing to seek their bachelor’s and master’s degrees from universities in the USA.

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